Thank You Kirk Cox


I'll start with the obvious: we had hoped and prayed for a different outcome in this contest. Unfortunately, it clearly was not meant to be.

But, as I said on Friday night before the voting started, my heart is full of gratitude and I remain deeply grateful for all of the ways in which the Lord has blessed me.

That starts with my family. My wife, Julie, is the most caring and loving companion I could ever ask for. I was blessed to campaign and work alongside two of my four amazing boys. And we proudly welcomed our granddaughter, Lilah Grace, to our family this year.

I will forever appreciate everyone who worked hard, donated money, volunteered their time, and cast their ballots for me—this year, and in the 16 elections prior. It has been an honor to get to know so many people, and to call many of you friends.

You guys know I’m a baseball guy, so I love a good sports analogy.... One of the things a good baseball coach always wants to see is that his players go down swinging.

I think we did that in this race. I am especially grateful to have been surrounded by a campaign team that worked tirelessly each and every day. They were creative, they had fun, and they carried themselves so well. I am proud of that.

To my supporters across Virginia, thank you. Your votes mean so much to me, and even though we did not accomplish what we set out to achieve, I will always be thankful. As someone who loves our representative democracy and the principles on which it's built, that you would entrust me with something as sacred as a vote on your ballot just means the world to me. I’m especially grateful for Chesterfield and Colonial Heights, which I have been proud to represent for years.

While I, of course, wished I would have the opportunity to lead our ticket this fall, I still believe what's at stake is more important than any one person.

I decided to run for Governor because I could not sit on the sidelines and watch the Virginia we've built slip away. I truly believe the timeless principles upon which our representative democracy was built are under attack, and that one-party Democratic control in Richmond is hurting our Commonwealth.

It's time for Republicans to speak clearly about what we believe in—to take our positive, empowering, uplifting vision and ideas to every single person in the Commonwealth.

Our party has nominated a good and honorable man to do that—Glenn Youngkin. He's a tested business leader, a man of deep faith, and I know he wants exactly what we want: a safe and prosperous Commonwealth where people can raise their families. Even though I will not be on the ballot this fall for the first time in 32 years, Glenn has my full and unwavering support, I hope you will give him yours as well.

Again, thank you so much. As I said just Friday, I will pray tonight again for God's wisdom and strength. His faithfulness has never failed us, and it won't fail us now.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your friendship.