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A conservative winner willing to fight back and ready to lead forward.


Kirk Cox knows what it takes to fight, to lead, and to WIN.

Kirk Cox is a retired public school teacher, coach, and proven conservative winner. He holds the bluest seat of any Republican in the Virginia General Assembly, has a 30-year track record of defending and advancing conservative principles like the Second Amendment and the cause of life. Everyone who knows Kirk, will tell you that he is passionate, caring, and dedicated to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and its people. After a lifetime of fighting for Virginia, Kirk is not willing to let partisan politicians tear down everything we built. And as discouraging as things may look right now, he’s not willing to give up our future yet either. He’s running for Governor to fight back against liberal overreach, and lead Virginia forward to the future we deserve.
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The Stakes

2020’s been quite the year, but 2021 could determine the direction of our Commonwealth for a generation. Democrats have taken complete control of state government, and they are wasting no time enacting their policies, including nearly $2 billion in new taxes, energy policy that could raise your electric bill by $800 or more, and a Bloomberg-style gun control agenda. They will attempt to silence, shame, and cancel anyone who dares to disagree. If we do not fight back -- and win -- in 2021, they will have complete control over state government for the foreseeable future. We cannot let that happen.

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