Kirk Has a Plan to
Attack Learning Loss

Last July, Kirk urged Governor Northam to prioritize five days of in-person learning. He didn’t listen, and for months our school buildings sat shuttered while students languished in virtual and remote settings that did not meet their needs, despite the best effort of hardworking teachers.

Now, many Virginia students are three to six months behind.

But Kirk has an aggressive plan to attack learning loss and get our kids back on track after extended remote learning.

Kirk’s Ten Step Plan to Attack Learning Loss:

  • Provide additional state funding for one-on-one and small group tutoring on a personalized level through local school divisions for the rest of the 2021 school year and the summer

  • Create the READ Fund to directly reimburse parents for supplemental learning opportunities, supplies, and additional tutoring

  • Open summer remediation programs to all students through opt-in program, with costs covered by federal relief funds

  • Require DOE to issue statewide guidance on remediation best practices, with an emphasis on math and reading, no later than March 31, 2021

  • Require DOE to develop a statewide screening process for school divisions no later than March 31, 2021, that will help identify the specific learning losses and academic recovery needs of their students

  • Provide overtime and supplemental stipends for teachers willing to work with students after hours in in-person small group settings

  • Increase teacher compensation for participating in summer school programs and make that compensation tax free for 2021

  • Mobilize retired and substitute teachers to serve as temporary instructors for tutoring and summer schools by allowing them to earn tutoring and summer school compensation state-tax free for 2021

  • Partner with universities to allow teaching students to earn credit toward student teaching requirements for serving as tutors and summer learning instructors

  • Provide flexibility and streamline re-enrollment process for students returning to public schools this fall