Believers for Kirk

Believers for Kirk is a coalition of faith-driven Virginians, dedicated to helping Kirk Cox become Virginia’s next Governor.

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As a devout believer himself, Kirk is deeply motivated by his faith, which is at the heart of why he is running. Together, this coalition will come together to advocate for important issues like pro-life and family values and help ensure Virginia’s next Governor is a person of strong faith and integrity -- like Kirk Cox.

Kirk Cox is a devout believer and has stood strong in defense of his faith during his time in office. Kirk is strongly pro-life and has a proven record of defending the unborn. He has worked to advance legislation to limit abortions and protect the most innocent among us.

As Speaker, Kirk Cox helped shut down the radical proposals to allow abortion up until the moment of birth. After that bill was introduced, and the Governor made his infamous infanticide remarks, it was Kirk Cox who stepped down from the Speaker’s podium for the first time in modern history to deliver a moving speech on behalf of the unborn.

Kirk Cox has a 100% pro-life record, as well as a 100% rating from the Family Foundation for his long record of standing up for family values in Richmond.