Updates from Team Kirk

“So in other words, should the GOP be looking to nominate somebody like, say, Kirk Cox?” “…formidable, even prohibitive, favorite for the GOP nomination.” “Cox has shown an ability to outperform other Republicans…” “… gives the party its best chance of ending a losing streak in statewide elections…” Since Kirk Cox launched his campaign on Tuesday, he’s garnered news coverage across … Read More

Democrats take note of Kirk Cox, start attacks on day one

As Kirk Cox launched a campaign promising to fight back against one party control in Richmond and lead forward to a Virginia that works for everyone, Democrats in Virginia and Washington D.C. took note. It has to make you wonder… what are they so afraid of? Kirk’s announcement garnered headlines (you can read some here) — and quite a bit … Read More

Headlines & Highlights from Across Virginia

Kirk Cox announced his campaign for governor on Tuesday, pledging to fight back, lead forward, and win in 2021. If you missed the announcement, click here to watch. Here are the headlines and highlights from the launch: Richmond Times-Dispatch: Cox formally announces run for governor, pledging to fight ‘big-government worldview’ Former House Speaker Kirk Cox of Colonial Heights formally announced … Read More

Kirk Cox announces campaign for Governor

Former House Speaker and retired teacher is the only Republican candidate that can unify the party and win in 2021 Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker and retired teacher Kirk Cox announced his campaign for Governor on Tuesday, bringing to the 2021 race a track record of conservative leadership, the proven ability to win where other Republicans cannot, and a … Read More