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Kirk knows the pathway to a robust economy and job creation is through free enterprise, common sense regulations, and low taxes.

He has led on these issues as Delegate and Speaker of the House, during which time Virginia recovered from the 2009 recession, transitioned its economic reliance away from federal spending, and resumed its place as CNBC’s #1 state for business.

Kirk believes in the dignity of work and the purpose-driven value that comes with employment.  He’s fought back against efforts to make it harder to own a business and require union membership to get a job.

Kirk is the leader Virginia needs to build an economy that will carry us out of the pandemic recession and give people a chance to do more than just earn a paycheck.

The Proven Candidate

As a Delegate and Speaker, Kirk has put the work in and he will do the same as Governor. To help Virginians and create jobs, Kirk

  • Cut taxes by nearly $1 billion.
  • Created GO Virginia, a bipartisan business-led economic development initiative that puts business leaders in charge of job creation efforts.
  • Convinced a Democrat governor to reduce regulations by 25 percent.
  • Stood up to Democrat efforts to repeal Virginia’s right-to-work laws.

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