Real Leadership During the Pandemic

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Governor Ralph Northam and Virginia Democrats have failed to lead during the pandemic, time and time again. Businesses and families across the Commonwealth are hurting. Our schools have been shuttered for too long.

At every turn, one-party control has failed us. At the start of the pandemic, Virginia consistently ranked as one of the worst states for testing. Then, Virginia was ranked poorly for contact tracing. After that, Virginia’s 35-year-old software put us dead last in the country for processing unemployment claims – at a time when people needed it most. Now, we’re consistently ranked last – or close to last – for vaccine distribution.

Virginia used to be ranked as one of the best managed states in the country.But since the Commonwealth has been turned over to Democrats, our state government has fallen apart. Simply put, Democrats have failed all Virginians with their performance during the pandemic.

Kirk’s Leadership

On the other hand, Kirk has consistently demonstrated what real leadership looks like.

  • Last July, Kirk was one of the first leaders in Virginia to urge the Governor to re-open our schools.
  • In early January, Kirk released a detailed plan of actions that needed to be taken to speed up vaccine distribution.
  • Since last year, Kirk has been working with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to get to the bottom of the problems at the Virginia Employment Commission.


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