58 Chesterfield County Republican Leaders Endorse Kirk Cox


Elected Republicans and Grassroots Leaders spanning three decades of activism say Kirk is best candidate to unify party, win in 2021

Fifty-eight Republican leaders from Chesterfield County endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor on Monday, including former State Senator Glen Sturtevant, Delegates Roxann Robinson and Carrie Coyner, Chesterfield County GOP Chairman Mike Hadank and ten past Chairmen, 4th District GOP Chair Carey Allen, three Chesterfield County Sheriffs, two past State Party Chairs, and Chesterfield Supervisors Leslie Haley, Chris Winslow, Jim Ingle, and Kevin Carroll.

“I’m grateful and humbled to have earned the endorsement of these strong conservative leaders, each one a friend and ally in our fight for conservative principles and policies that can move the Commonwealth forward,” said Cox. “They are ready to bring the party together, lead forward, and win in 2021.”

“I’m thrilled to announce my support of Kirk Cox for Governor. Kirk is the best candidate to bring our party together,” said former Sen. Glen Sturtevant, who represented Chesterfield in the State Senate from 2016 to 2020. “He leads with integrity, will fight to uphold conservative values, and always work to ensure a better future for our children.”

“I have had the privilege of working with Kirk in the House of Delegates for the past decade,” said Del. Roxann Robinson, Delegate from the 27th District. “Kirk is a proven conservative leader who can bring us all together as we fight to end the policies that are hurting families and small businesses, and making us less safe. I’m proud to endorse him for Governor to lead Virginia forward.”

“Like so many others, I have looked to Kirk as not just a leader in our party, but also a personal mentor,” said Del. Carrie Coyner, Delegate from the 62nd District. “Kirk encouraged me to run for office because he wants our party to be more reflective of the demographics of our Commonwealth.  He has worked hard to support women running for office who have a desire to serve their communities. Kirk isn’t afraid of different perspectives but welcomes diversity of opinion as part of strong public policy making. The Republican Party will grow and flourish under Kirk’s leadership.”

“Conservative Republicans from Southwest Virginia to Virginia Beach, from Southside to Chesterfield to Northern Virginias are rallying behind Kirk because he knows what it takes to fight back against unchecked Democratic control,” said Carey Allen, Fourth District GOP Chair. “I am excited to support a proven conservative leader who will fight for all Virginians.”

The full list of Chesterfield County Republican leaders, listed in alphabetical order, endorsing Kirk is below.

Carey Adams
Former Treasurer

Carey Allen
Fourth District GOP Chair

Debbie Bailey
School Board Chair, Dale District

Jerry Baldwin
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair

Carolyn Bunda
Chesterfield County GOP Recording Secretary

Renny Bush Humphrey
Former Supervisor, Matoaca District

Kevin Carroll
Supervisor, Matoaca District

Michael Carroll
Chesterfield County GOP Vice Chair

Tara Carroll
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair
7th District State Central Committee Representative

Ann Coker
School Board, Bermuda District

Carrie Coyner
Delegate, 62nd District

Sonny Curin
Former Supervisor, Bermuda District

Billy Davenport
Former Commonwealth Attorney

Stacey Davenport
Commonwealth Attorney

Jim Davis
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair

Steve Elswick
Former Supervisor, Matoaca District

John Erbach
Former School Board Member, Dale District

Mike Hadank
Chesterfield County GOP Chairman

Leslie Haley
Chair, Board of Supervisors

Ryan Harter
School Board, Matoaca District

Joe Horbal
Former Commissioner of the Revenue

Wendy Hughes
Chesterfield County Circuit Court Clerk

Jim Ingle
Supervisor, Bermuda District

Riley Ingram
Former Delegate, 62nd District

Dorthy Jaeckle
Former Supervisor, Bermuda District

Dickie King
Former Supervisor, Bermuda District

Karl Leonard

Sherman Litton
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair

Rebecca Longnaker

Manoli Loupassi
Former Delegate

Sarah Mahayni
Chesterfield County GOP Vice Chair

Steve Martin
Former State Senator

Aaron Mathes
Chesterfield County GOP Matoaca District Chair

Tim McPeters
Former Commissioner of the Revenue

Ray Moore
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair

Ellen Nau
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair and VFRW President

Dianne Pettit
Former School Board Member, Clover Hill

Dennis Proffit
Former Sheriff

Marie Quinn
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair & VFRW State Central Representative

Omarh Rajah
Former School Board Member, Matoaca District

Patrick Regan
Midlothian School Board Candidate

Jack Reid
Former Delegate

Tammy Ridout
Chesterfield County GOP Dale District Chair

Roxann Robinson
Delegate, 27th District

Dianne Smith
Former School Board Member, Clover Hill District

Justin Smith
Clover Hill District School Board Candidate

Craig Stariha
Former Planning Commissioner and Matoaca District Supervisor candidate

Glen Sturtevant
Former State Senator

Mike Thomas
Former Republican Party of Virginia First Vice-Chairman

Rob Thompson
Former School Board Member, Matoaca District

Gary Thomson
Former Republican Party of Virginia Chairman and Chesterfield County GOP Chairman

Art Warren
Former Supervisor, Clover Hill District

Jay Whay
Former Clover Hill GOP Chair

Clarence Williams
Former Sheriff

Donald Williams
Former Chesterfield County GOP Chair

Fay Williamson
Former VFRW President and Current VFRW 7th District Committee Representative

Jack Wilson
Former Republican Party of Virginia Chair, Fourth District Republican Committee Chair, and Chesterfield Republican Committee Chair

Chris Winslow
Board of Supervisors, Clover Hill District

Last week, the campaign announced endorsements from Senator Frank Ruff and conservative Southside Delegates four Conservative Southside Delegates Danny Marshall, James Edmunds, Don Merricks, and Tommy Wright, Virginia Beach Mayor Dyer, Virginia Beach grassroots leaders Colin Stolle, Ken Longo, Tina Mapes, Kenny Golden, David Bartholomew, and Al Abiowich. Kirk has also been endorsed by Congressman Tom Davis and State Senator Jeannemarie Davis, and State Senator and retired State Trooper Bill Carrico.