Democrats take note of Kirk Cox, start attacks on day one

As Kirk Cox launched a campaign promising to fight back against one party control in Richmond and lead forward to a Virginia that works for everyone, Democrats in Virginia and Washington D.C. took note.

It has to make you wonder… what are they so afraid of?

Kirk’s announcement garnered headlines (you can read some here) — and quite a bit of attention from Democrats, who immediately started falsely attacking Kirk and his record of leadership in Richmond.

  • The Democratic Party of Virginia responded with a press release and sent their Chairwoman on local television to attack Kirk.
  • The Democratic Governor’s Association acknowledged Kirk’s entrance to the race with a press release and a tweet.
  • Jennifer Carroll-Foy, of the four Democratic candidates in 2021, went after Kirk in a fundraising email, saying she needed to raise $10,000 to respond to Kirk’s announcement.
  • Former Governor Terry McAuliffe attacked Kirk in a tweet.
  • Democratic staffers from across Virginia also immediately went on the offensive, sharing on social media predictable Democratic attacks on Kirk and his conservative record.

All of these attacks make it clear: Democrats are nervous because they know Kirk’s proven track record, his ability to win in a blue seat Hillary Clinton carried by 5 points, and his background as a teacher and coach make him a real threat to win in 2021.