Emerging Leaders for Kirk Hold First Meeting

The Emerging Leaders for Kirk coalition met for the first time Wednesday evening.

Teens, college students, and young Republicans from across the Commonwealth gathered virtually to hear from Kirk Cox about why he’s running and what he will do to support the upcoming generation as Governor.

Javon Price, chairman of Emerging Leaders for Kirk, kicked things off with a warm introduction, noting that it’s Kirk Cox that the next generation of conservative leaders can count on to get Virginia back on track.

Kirk talked about his history as a coach and a public school teacher, and how that has shaped his life and motivated him to make young Virginians a priority throughout his time in the House of Delegates.

The meeting included a discussion on Kirk’s plan to ensure quality education for all students, as well as his desire to foster a workforce that will keep graduates in Virginia. Kirk also fielded questions from the group.

Emerging Leaders for Kirk is a coalition composed of the next generation, dedicated to helping Kirk Cox become Virginia’s next Governor.

If you are interested in joining, you can sign up HERE.