Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Endorses Kirk Cox for Governor

Former Governor Bob McDonnell, the last Republican to win statewide in Virginia, on Thursday endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor. Elected in 2009, McDonnell served as Virginia’s 71st Governor from 2010 to 2014. Governor McDonnell worked closely with Kirk as the former House Majority leader, and can attest to Kirk’s ability to bring the party together, govern effectively, and win back Virginia.

“It is an honor to have an effective leader and proven winner like Governor Bob McDonnell endorse our campaign,” said Cox. “In order to win in 2021, our party needs to come together, which is why the support of Governor McDonnell, a tested conservative and loyal Republican, means so much. It is long overdue Republicans win statewide in Virginia, and there is no better person to have in our corner than the last individual to actually do it. We have seen just how bad things can get without a Republican in the Governor’s mansion. I’m running for Governor to restore the steady leadership our Commonwealth has sorely lacked over the last four years.”

“Kirk Cox is a highly accomplished career teacher and servant leader who has shown through more than 30 years of public service that he loves this Commonwealth deeply. He is a humble effective legislator who has great vision for bringing people together to pass laws that actually work and solve real problems. He is a consistent conservative who governs with the traditional values made this state a national model for good government. Kirk Cox will be a strong and compassionate Governor who will create jobs, improve schools, and bring civility and results to the job. I strongly support Kirk, and ask Republicans to unite behind this good man and proven winner who will be a principled and effective governor for all Virginians.

Governor Bob McDonnell joins a list led by Governor George Allen and former First Lady Susan Allen of over 150 conservative elected and grassroots leaders who have endorsed Kirk, including Congressman Tom Davis and State Senator Jeannemarie Davis, State Senator Bill Carrico, Congressman Randy Forbes and Shirley Forbes, Bobbie Kilberg, six former Virginia Beach GOP chairmen, and others. For a full list of endorsements, click here.