Governor George Allen and Susan Allen endorse Kirk Cox for Governor

Allens cite Kirk’s character, record of conservative leadership and practical problem-solving for Virginians, and ability to win

Former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George F. Allen and former First Lady Susan Allen endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor on Tuesday. Susan and Governor Allen now lead a growing list of over 150 conservative elected and grassroots leaders who say Kirk is the best candidate to lead us to victory and serve as the 74th Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Allens cited Kirk’s character and integrity, his strong record of conservative leadership in enhancing safety and opportunity for Virginians, and his proven ability to win support across party lines.

“My friendship with Kirk and admiration for his conservative leadership goes back more than three decades, to our service together in the House of Delegates and then his key legislative role in helping enact our agenda of honest change for Virginians during my term as Governor,” Allen said. “I’ve watched him put our conservative principles to work solving problems and improving Virginians’ lives as a teacher and coach, delegate, majority leader, and Speaker of the House. He’s a proven leader and winner, and he will make an excellent, steady, and most knowledgeable Governor.”

“There’s a reason Kirk is respected across party lines and party factions,” Governor Allen continued. “No one works harder, treats people more decently, is a better role model, or has a better record of solving problems through creative conservative leadership than Kirk. If Republicans and independent-minded people are going to overcome the odds and prove shallow ‘conventional thinking’ wrong in 2021, we must offer a well-prepared leader who will hit the ground running on day-one with positive, constructive ideas to make Virginia more competitive, to expand job opportunities for everyone, to make sure our communities are safe, and to make our classrooms places where young people are equipped for lifelong success and good citizenship. Kirk Cox will be a salutary, unifying candidate and Governor of whom we all will be proud.”

Susan Allen said, “Kirk holds the bluest seat of any Republican in the General Assembly, proving he has the ability to unite Virginians and win. To elect a Republican Governor of Virginia in 2021, we need to expand our support by reaching out with a hopeful, positive vision that shows our conservative principles work for everyone. Who better than Kirk, a beloved teacher and coach, to show we’re committed to making our classrooms healthy and wholesome places where all students learn? Who can better reassure anxious mothers that we will keep their homes and schools and neighborhoods safe than Kirk, who has worked to protect law-abiding citizens for nearly three decades? Who could be more authentic and relatable to all of Virginia’s hardworking people than a servant leader like Kirk, whose kindness and work ethic are legendary?”

“Serving as Governor of the Commonwealth is a tremendous honor that carries with it enormous responsibility to the owners of the government: The People,” added Governor Allen. “Susan and I have seen firsthand how the people of Virginia, regardless of party or background, will respond and pitch in if you’re honest with them, include them in your cause, and offer common sense conservative ideas to make this Commonwealth a better place to live, learn, work, and raise our families. Kirk has been that kind of leader as Delegate and Speaker, and he will accomplish even more as Governor for all the people of Virginia in every region of our Commonwealth. With confidence and optimism, Susan and I are pleased to give our friend, loyal teammate, and proven leader Kirk Cox our full and enthusiastic endorsement.”

Expressing gratitude for the endorsements, Cox said, “I cannot think of two more passionate, loyal, and dedicated people to have at my side in this campaign than George and Susan Allen. I have looked up to Governor Allen since the day I walked into the House of Delegates. I admired his leadership as Governor and have spent the better part of my career fighting to preserve and build on his many successful reforms, including truth in sentencing, high academic standards, college affordability, job creation in every part of this state, and lifting Virginians out of poverty so that they have genuine opportunity and the dignity of work. I also have admired the strength and grace of Susan Allen, who has been a strong conservative leader in her own right and a tireless champion for bringing people together for causes that have improved Virginia.”

“The Allens have taught us many things, but none more important than the wisdom of taking your principles and ideas confidently to the people and trusting in their good common sense judgment. The Democrats had a monopoly in Washington and Richmond when George Allen ran for Governor, just like today, and all the experts said the Democrats were sure to win again, just like they’re saying today. But George and Susan would not be discouraged—they took their ideas to the people and won a decisive victory. Over the next 10 months, we’re going to follow their example and show Virginians they deserve better than an out-of-touch, self-serving, one-party monopoly of power. We’re going to take our conservative principles and common sense ideas to all the people of Virginia and give them the choice for a better way when they elect their next Governor,” Cox said.

Susan and Governor Allen now lead a list of over 150 conservative elected and grassroots leaders who have endorsed Kirk, including Congressman Tom Davis and State Senator Jeannemarie Davis, State Senator Bill Carrico, Congressman Randy Forbes and Shirley Forbes, six former Virginia Beach GOP chairmen, and others. For a full list of endorsements, click here:

About Kirk

Kirk Cox is a retired public school teacher, coach, and proven conservative winner. He holds the bluest seat of any Republican in the Virginia General Assembly, and has a 30-year track record of defending and advancing conservative principles. Everyone who knows Kirk will tell you that he is passionate, caring, and dedicated to the Commonwealth of Virginia and its people. After a lifetime of fighting for Virginia, Kirk is not willing to let partisan politicians tear down everything we have built. And as discouraging as things may look right now, he’s not willing to give up on our future, either. He’s running for Governor to halt the liberal overreach and lead Virginia forward to the future we deserve.

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