HIGHLIGHTS: Kirk Cox Participates in Debate Held by the Virginia Federation of Republican Women


RICHMOND, VA. — Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker, retired teacher, and candidate for Governor Kirk Cox participated in a debate last night held by the Virginia Federation of Republican Women. This was the twelfth public debate or forum that Kirk has participated in this year.

On Protecting the Second Amendment
“I had the privilege of teaching the Second Amendment, and really all the amendments hang on that. And if you think about it, that is the amendment that stops tyranny… As Majority Leader, I was the chief debater on the floor when Terry McAuliffe put [anti-Second Amendment] bills in, I was the one that actually fought those bills tooth and nail.”

On Supporting Our Law Enforcement
“The Chesterfield Police Department will tell you they went over there to help [Richmond quell the riots], and they will tell you they were told to stand down… When you’re Governor, you have got to use that bully pulpit… It better be a lawmaker’s top priority to make sure that the police and law enforcement know that you have their back and that you’re not going to stand for riots.”

On Reducing Taxes and Creating Jobs
“When I was Speaker, we were able to have the second largest tax cut in Virginia history: $1 billion… We have to ask how we can align our education with what’s out there jobs-wise. There are things you can do on the education side to foster jobs, but the government certainly shouldn’t create them.”

On His Ability to Win in November
“I come from the bluest Republican district in the state… It means something to have knocked doors and won tough districts. I’m the guy that can take on Terry McAuliffe. I did it as Majority Leader.”