HIGHLIGHTS: Kirk Discusses Proposal to #GiveItBack on the Jeff Katz Show

RICHMOND, VA – Kirk Cox joined the Jeff Katz Show yesterday to discuss his proposal to return $730 million in additional projected revenues to Virginia taxpayers in the form of one-time rebate checks.
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“A lot of people know the governor recently did a revenue reforecast. So we have about $730 million dollars we did not anticipate and so my feeling is that that’s got to go back to the citizens and taxpayers. And if you break that down that would be about $190 to individuals and about $382 to families. And Jeff this is a simple concept: do you trust families to spend your money better than Democrats?

“To me, it’s just an arrogant attitude when you say that, ‘It’s not enough, etcetera.’ I mean, we always seem to forget that the people that paid the taxes were the citizens and if you think of Covid, we were at 41.6 million proposed by the annual budget compared to 40 million at the end of the 2020 session that was Pre-Covid. So look at the additional money that has already been spent. So why shouldn’t the taxpayer be a part of that? And the arrogance that it’s always either ‘too little’ or ‘we’ll spend it better,’ ‘we have better ideas,’ is not how a representative democracy works.”

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