ICYMI: Criticism of Northam Administration’s COVID-19 handling continues

The criticism rages on as Virginia continues to fall behind. While West Virginia has become the top state for vaccine distribution, the Commonwealth remains behind the eight ball as we’ve only administered 26.97 percent of on-hand vaccines. From Michael Martz at the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Virginia hospitals urged Gov. Ralph Northam on Monday to accelerate the vaccination of a broad swath of the state’s population against COVID-19 and consider further restrictions on public and professional gatherings. Their concern: to relieve pressure on health care providers as a spike in cases threatens to overwhelm them and force limitations on medical care.

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association, a politically powerful trade group for more than 100 hospitals and 125,000 employees, urged Northam to “aggressively” expand the state’s vaccination campaign to include all workers deemed essential during the pandemic, people 65 and older, and anyone over 16 with a high-risk medical condition or disability.

“As a medical doctor himself, it’s astounding how poorly the COVID-19 crisis is being handled by Governor Northam. It’s been a week since Delegate Cox called on the governor to take decisive action, and the criticism is only growing.” – Kirk Cox for Governor Press Secretary Kristen Bennett

Last Tuesday, Delegate Cox outlined a series of decisive steps that Governor Northam should take to improve vaccine distribution. Click here for the full release.


  • Northam issued a mask mandate the day after being seen at the beach without wearing a mask.
  • His Administration failed to be transparent with nursing home data.
  • Northam completely mishandled school reopening, failing to provide support to schools in the summer so they could reopen safely.
  • There is a five month wait at DMV because of COVID closings.
  • Virginia is dead last in the nation when it comes to processing unemployment claims.