ICYMI: Kirk Cox Discusses His Big Tech Accountability Plan on The John Fredericks Show


Kirk Cox joined The John Fredericks Show this morning to discuss his new plan to hold Big Tech accountable. Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have come under fire for censoring and de-platforming users — primarily conservative voices — in a blatant effort to stifle viewpoints with which they disagree.

“I taught government for 30 years, and the First Amendment and civil discourse are just key to representative democracy… Today, as we know, the internet has totally changed things — and in some ways for the better — but [Big Tech censorship] is not… People are very upset with the arbitrary censorship.”

The excessive — and partisan — censorship by Big Tech companies has eroded public trust. Three-quarters of Americans believe social media platforms “intentionally censor political viewpoints that they find objectionable,” according to a study from Pew Research. Kirk’s plan will provide transparency, prevent uncalled-for censorship, and create accountability for Big Tech companies.

“If you look at the plan I put forth… it is very targeted. A lot of these things are just common sense… enacting a $100,000 daily fine for Big Tech companies that violate the law, requiring companies to create a three strike system with a warning prior to imposing suspension. Another proposal is giving folks a chance to have remedial steps to restore their account — those are hard things to argue about.”

Big Tech is an issue of importance to many Virginians, and Kirk isn’t just talking about it, he’s laid out a detailed plan to combat this Big Tech overreach. To win this race in 2021, it’ll take a candidate that’s willing to stand up for Virginians and fight back against Big Tech — and that is Kirk Cox.

“I think one party Democrat control and this Big Tech issue are probably two of the biggest issues Republicans need to push in this upcoming election. I think they are both winning issues and will attract swing voters.”