ICYMI: Kirk Cox Discusses His #GiveItBack Proposal with the Richmond Times Dispatch

RICHMOND, VA – Kirk Cox spoke with the Richmond Times Dispatch earlier this week to discuss his proposal to return $730 million in additional projected revenues to Virginia taxpayers in the form of one-time rebate checks.

“This plan takes the $730 million that the reforecast came down with, and does a straight tax rebate. The feeling is that families have really struggled — no question about that — and this would help them with what they need to do. That could be an electric bill, clothes for kids, or tutoring expenses,” Cox said in an interview.

Virginians know how to spend their money better than Democrats in Richmond. Kirk continues to find ways to improve the lives of Virginians, and the #GiveItBack proposal provides individuals and families with an extra helping hand in the form of a one-time rebate check, so they can choose for themselves how to spend it.