ICYMI: Kirk Cox Joins John Fredericks to Discuss Why He Can Win in 2021


Kirk Cox joined John Fredericks on The John Fredericks Show Thursday morning to discuss why Kirk is the candidate that can win in November. John noted the losses of statewide Republican candidates in recent history, and asked Kirk why 2021 is going to be different. 

“November is going to be a different story… when you look at tremendous Democratic overreach at both the state and federal levels — people in Virginia for years have wanted a check on that kind of thing. When you look back to 2008, John McCain loses badly, then Bob McDonnell turns around and wins,” Cox said. 

It’s true, the precedent set forth by Virginia’s recent history shows that Virginians often check one party control in the following election, by electing members of the opposite party. In this case, Virginians will likely be inclined to elect a Republican Governor to put a check on the currently unchecked Democrat trifectas in D.C. and Richmond. 

“The other key thing is, especially with Ralph Northam and the Democrats, how do you mishandle things worse than they did? I think you’re going to have a totally different climate after we watch this and what Biden has done.”

Cox continued, “I come from the bluest Republican-held district in the state. It’s 30% minority. I’ve figured out ways to win. Some of that’s your personality. You’ve got to be both a core conservative and good on things like the 2nd Amendment and Life, but you’ve also got to be seen as smart on some of these other issues [transportation, technology, etc.].”

Kirk elaborated on the advantages his legislative experience gives him. Cox also spoke of his unmatched ability to win where other Republicans can’t, in areas like Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. To this point, he cited not only his strong record on upholding conservative values, but also his relentless pursuit of solving practical issues — which he believes will resonate with voters across the Commonwealth.

“If you really want to get things done as Governor, it’s extremely helpful to have someone who knows how to do that. [Someone] who can craft good, conservative legislation, which I will do, but also get practical things done. It’s a big advantage having done that your whole career.”

“We need really really good, smart leadership. I think people have seen what bad Governors do. I think people have seen a lack of transparency and being authentic… like with Ralph Northam and so many other candidates… People are looking for that [authenticity] — and I’ll be that. I’ve been that my whole career. That’s the biggest thing you can be right now. People just want someone who is who they say they are, and that will be straight with them.”

“My full time job was a school teacher. I worked the entire time that I was in a part-time legislature. It helps to have the experience to be solidly middle class… I’ve worked my entire life and never made a living off the government, I can tell you.”