ICYMI: Kirk Cox Joins John Reid to Talk About Democrat Plans to Abolish Mandatory Minimums and Pack Court of Appeals


Kirk Cox sat down with John Reid this morning on 1140 WRVA to explain what exactly the Democrats are doing in Richmond this session. Without a check on their one party rule, Democrats have continued to overreach, now looking to abolish mandatory minimums for the most heinous of crimes — along with a plan to pack the Virginia Court of Appeals.

Background: A mandatory minimum is a sentence, created by Congress or a state legislature, which the court must give to a person convicted of a crime, no matter what the unique circumstances of the
offender or the offense are. Mandatory minimum sentences ensure that a criminal serves at least a certain time for a listed crime — and they do not allow a rogue judge to unfairly under-prosecute a criminal. 

There is currently a bill in the General Assembly that would do away with mandatory minimums in many cases, allowing a judge to charge a criminal as small a punishment as they want, regardless of the crime. To that, Kirk said the following:

“Mandatory minimums are about transparency in the justice system. [Democrats] would do away with [mandatory minimums] for over 200 crimes. These are your most violent crimes. Distrubtion of child pornography. Rape of a child under 13. These are things that are terribly egregious… and as you turn over the judiciary to liberal judges, they keep saying, ‘leave it up to the judges discretion,’ but for these heinous crimes, there have to be mandatory minimums.”

Governor Northam and the Democrats also want to pack Virginia’s Court of Appeals, the second highest court in the state. Their current plan is to increase the number of judges by 6, and without staggering the enactment of this expansion, and without giving appointment power to a nonpartisan committee — Democrats will be able to stack the Court with 6 new liberal judges.

“There’s a court-packing plan for the Court of Appeals. Back in December, it was only 4 new judges. Now, there’s a bill that goes from 11 to 17 [judges]. You’re suddenly putting 6 liberal judges on the Court of Appeals. That’s your second highest court, and think about what that’s gonna do very, very quickly,” Cox said.

The Democrats’ agenda this session has been noticeably anti-law enforcement and very anti-law and order. Even worse, no matter how egregious these reckless proposals are, there is no check on Democrat power in Richmond.

“If I could say this, here’s what we’ve forgotten. We’ve just forgotten the victims totally. My heart cries out to folks that have lost [loved ones]. One of the people on death row, don’t forget, killed a Norfolk police officer, who left a 33 year old wife and two young children — so these kids will grow up without their father. We just see so many cases like that, whether it be rape victims or killings, and we never here about the victims in these stories about ‘what happened?’,” Cox said.

“There’s no accountability. [Democrats] have the majority. [Democrats] have the Governor. And I’m not sure if public opinion, or really anything, matters to them. They’re in complete control in Washington and Richmond.”

It’s true, the Democrats in Richmond face no accountability. The only way to change that? Go to the polls and vote in experienced, conservative leadership — like Kirk Cox.