ICYMI: Kirk Cox talks about Northam’s Vaccine Fumbles & State of the Race on WRVA with John Reid

Kirk joined radio host, John Reid, on WVRA to talk about Northam’s abysmal vaccine distribution and the current state of the Virginia Governor’s race.

Background: As of Monday, Virginia currently sits last in vaccine distribution. On Tuesday, hospitals like Inova reported having to cancel vaccination appointments citing a shortage of dosages. However, less than half of Virginia’s vaccine supply has been administered, with hundreds of thousands of doses sitting on shelves across the Commonwealth. The only way to explain both a shortage and a surplus is Governor Northam’s failed leadership and beyond poor planning on behalf of his administration. The vaccine rollout has been an unmitigated disaster, and Virginia sits at the bottom in distribution efficiency. 

When asked about the Governor’s mishandling of Virginians vaccine distribution, Kirk Cox said the following:

“They [Northam’s administration] are just not equipped to do this at all. The biggest thing is that there is total confusion. It’s an unmitigated disaster. We’ve seen this over and over again, and the Democrats defend and defend and defend the administration on the Floor [of the House] every day, which I find remarkable. We’ve got the Governor saying last week that he is “pleased where we’re at.” It’s just total incompetence.

“We’ve got to call them out on it, which we do, but this is serious stuff. We have a pandemic where a lot of people have died, and if you’re not getting this right — it has tremendous consequences.”

“I actually made suggestions back on January 5th… I called on him to expand the pool of those receiving the vaccine to include people over 65… I talked about expanding public-private partnerships. We need to expand the pool dramatically of those who can give the vaccine… and then we need to expand the sites where we’re administering [vaccines]… totally the opposite of what the Governor’s doing.”

And the Democrats block everything. They’re in lock-step with the Governor. There’s no separation of powers, no checks and balances, just total one party rule.”

After discussing Northam’s failed vaccine roll-out, they moved on to discuss the state of the 2021 gubernatorial race. Kirk said:

“Our party has got to come together at the end of the day. What this is all about is putting a check on one party rule in Richmond.

“You need to articulate why you think you’re the best candidate. I’ve said often that I come from the bluest Republican-held district. I think I have a record that has shown that I can lead and that I can go get votes. Hopefully people will pick an honest candidate that is straight forward with them, and that’s me.”