ICYMI: Northam’s Vaccine Failures Pile Up

In case you missed it, Virginia is ranked 48th in vaccine distribution. The Northam Administration has led an abysmal effort to vaccinate the Commonwealth and if things don’t pick up soon, Virginia will lose out on new vaccine doses.

See below for a full list of Governor Northam’s failures.

Virginia Mercury, 12/31/20: In Virginia, slow vaccine rollout frustrates health care providers

“Earlier this month, Virginia received 285,725 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, shipping them to hospitals and local health departments over the past two weeks. But less than a quarter of those vaccines — 54,295 — have actually been administered as of Wednesday, according to data from the state Department of Health.”

WAVY, 1/5/21: Northam names head of vaccine effort, short-term goal of 25K vaccine shots per day

“Virginia is currently among the states that have vaccinated the fewest percentage of residents when factoring available doses”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/9/21: Ongoing problems that hurt Virginia’s vaccine rollout cloud its promises to widen eligibility and go faster

“Virginia’s vaccination campaign was met with a gaping mismatch of supply and demand, fluctuating federal estimates and inconsistent messaging that left it trailing behind the majority of states. For now, its troubled rollout doesn’t reflect the optimistic mass mobilization imagined by state officials.”

“It’s unclear whether the state is prepared to manage it.”

“Currently, the state is receiving about 110,000 doses a week, enough for about 15,700 injections a day. The most vaccinations in the state in a single day so far is 13,611.”

“Reporting glitches muddying the picture of who has been vaccinated persisted Friday, two days after the state’s health commissioner assured they’d be resolved “real soon.” As of Friday night, the Virginia Department of Health could not confirm the system was running smoothly.”

“Dissatisfaction with the results thus far drove Northam to partially blame health systems for the slow vaccine rollout.”

The Daily Progress, 1/10/21: Opinion/Editorial: Virginia must step up vaccinations

“Virginia suffered a black eye when it was reported early last week that the state had parceled out only 20% of the COVID vaccine dosages in its possession. And this in a state governed by a physician.”

“Data issued by the Virginia Department of Health on Jan. 4 showed that the state had administered barely 20% of its vaccine stock.”

“It is unconscionable — after the emergency push to get vaccines approved and shipped — that Virginia has vaccine dosages sitting in storage.”

“Once reporting problems are ironed out, medical facilities will be required to give vaccination shots as quickly as possible — or risk having any future allotments reduced. That policy creates some winners and losers. People living near a low-performing facility may face delays in receiving vaccinations, unless they can travel elsewhere for help. “

Virginia Mercury, 1/11/21Virginia pushes back estimate for vaccinating all residents for COVID-19

“Many experts say there needs to be a rapid shift in how COVID-19 vaccines are distributed and administered in order to meet a late-summer to fall target.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/12/21: In-person learning in Henrico delayed for a third time so school nurses can administer vaccines

“In a statement, Cashwell said Henrico school nurses are temporarily being pulled to help administer the COVID-19 vaccine to the county’s school employees and others who are eligible under Phase 1b. Without them in school buildings, she doesn’t think the system could properly mitigate spread of COVID-19 in schools.”

Roanoke Times, 1/12/21: State adds some new vaccine information to website, but details on distribution still lacking

“The Virginia Department of Health added information Tuesday to its COVID-19 vaccine dashboard that shows how many doses hospitals, health departments, long-term care facilities and others have put into arms, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of details. While the department reports that it has distributed 773,825 doses, it does not show who received the vaccine vials.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/13/21: Virginia approaches nearly a million COVID vaccines distributed, less than 25% given; Richmond area begins next phase Monday

“Virginia is approaching nearly a million COVID-19 vaccines distributed, making it one of the top states in the country when it comes to number of available doses. But it’s also 46th among states for the percentage of total shots given.”

“Of the 10 states with the highest number of shots distributed, all but Virginia, California and Georgia were at or above the national average of 34%. Virginia is at 24%.”

Virginia Pilot, 1/13/21: Virginia website no longer discourages Spanish readers from getting the coronavirus vaccine

“A sentence intended to mean the vaccines aren’t mandatory had been translated to suggest the shots weren’t necessary.”

“The error may have had unintended consequences among a group known to be at higher risk of getting COVID-19 and of becoming severely ill from it.”

Washington Post, 1/14/21: What to know about the coronavirus vaccine rollout in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

“But the rollout has been bumpy, and many residents have questions about how the region’s local governments are administering vaccines.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/14/21: Virginia uses Google Translate for COVID vaccine information. Here’s how that magnifies language barriers, misinformation

“The Virginia Department of Health’s main sources for translating critical COVID-19 and vaccine information are three marketing agencies that don’t list translation services on their websites and Google Translate, whose reliability experts and Google itself have cautioned against. That’s how “the vaccine is not required” became “the vaccine is not necessary” on the Spanish version of VDH’s frequently asked questions page for nearly a month.”

“Michelsen-King added that errors like these are commonly seen when agencies “cut corners” and prioritize saving money over populations most in need.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/14/21: As pace of vaccinations lags behind supply, Virginia moves to expand eligibility to those 65 and up

“We definitely recognize that this hasn’t gone as smoothly as we could have hoped,” Avula said in a media briefing Thursday.

Virginia Pilot, 1/14/21: Virginia to expand vaccine rollout to anyone 65 and older after push from White House

“Federal health officials said they’ll base each state’s vaccine allocation partly on how efficiently it has administered what it already has received. That could be problematic for Virginia, which appears to be lagging behind many other states on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine tracking system.”

“About 243,000 out of 943,000 available doses have been given statewide, according to state health department data. Only 27,429 people have been fully vaccinated with both necessary doses.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/15/21: One month into vaccinations, Va. inches toward goal of 25,000 doses given a day but is still behind most of U.S.

“Its [Virginia’s] sluggish performance could prove risky in the next two weeks, when the federal government plans to base the number of doses allotted to states partially on how quickly they’re giving them out.”

“But the strides made in the enormous vaccination efforts underway are coupled with Virginia continually being among the worst in the country for vaccine supply used. A week ago, the state was 38th among states. On Friday, it was 48th, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — even as Virginia has quadrupled the number of people fully vaccinated in the past week.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/15/21: A technology error allowed nearly 6,000 Richmond-area residents to sign up for a COVID vaccine they weren’t eligible for

“Nearly 6,000 people who aren’t yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine were able to register for a vaccination appointment after a Henrico County scheduling system sent them a sign-up link by accident.”

Chatham Star Tribune, 1/15/21: Frontline workers nervous, confused as Virginia vaccine numbers lag behind

“With the projected numbers of both doses distributed and administered lagging behind statewide, Southern Virginia has gone overlooked, leaving Southside citizens worried and confused.”

“In fact, in a 53-minute press briefing Thursday afternoon conducted by Gov. Ralph Northam that sought to bring light to the commonwealth’s vaccination rollout, Northern Virginia, Tidewater and the Richmond area were referenced in the discussion of vaccine success. There was no reference to Southern or Southwest Virginia during the conference.”

Martinsville Bulletin, 1/16/21: OUR VIEW: We want and need the vaccine now

“But what we see happening has been, to be kind, a mess. The Virginia Department of Health’s distribution of the vaccine, guided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has been balky, slow and uneven. Again, we are being kind here.”

“But, frankly, we want to see movement. We are dismayed that some parts of Virginia – mainly Northern Virginia and the Eastern Shore — have left us [Southside] behind and already moved to Phase 1b.”

Virginia Pilot, 1/16/21: Virginia Beach leaders voice concerns about the state’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout

“Virginia Beach’s mayor says the COVID-19 vaccine is not being distributed fast enough and the state’s coordination efforts have been “extremely frustrating and disappointing.”

“Dyer said the city has received little information about the plan for distributing the rest of the vaccines, and the Health Department has failed to answer direct questions about the number of vaccinations available.”

Virginia Pilot, 1/17/21: Slow vaccinations, pandemic fatigue could help coronavirus surge into April, researchers say

“More than a month after coronavirus vaccines hit the market, a little less than 3% of Virginians have received all or part of the two-shot series.”