ICYMI: PolitiFact Rates Cox’s Criticism of Vaccine Rollout “True”

As the Governor continues to fumble Virginia’s vaccine distribution, it is Kirk Cox who has led Republicans in holding Northam accountable for his string of failures. Cox has continued to call out Northam’s lack of urgency on the situation, including Virginia’s incredibly low vaccine distribution ranking — to which PolitiFact rated Cox’s statements true.

Cox said on Jan. 13 that Virginia ranked “in the bottom third of states nationally” in getting its allotted COVID-19 vaccines into arms. Virginia ranked 39th in the nation on that date. Although not part of this ruling, it should be noted that Virginia has since fallen to 48th, even though it has picked up pace in giving vaccines.

We rate Cox’s statement True.

“The Northam Administration’s lackluster leadership has led to the Commonwealth being ranked almost dead last in vaccine rollout. Virginians don’t deserve to be left behind, the Governor must do better at getting this life-saving vaccine distributed across the state – and quickly.” – Kirk Cox for Governor Press Secretary Kristen Bennett