ICYMI: Richmond Times-Dispatch Calls for Return to In-Person Learning

Kirk Cox has been calling for students to return to the classroom since this past summer. This morning, the Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial Board joined Cox in the call to send kids back to school, citing economic implications and possible future consequences for students failed by virtual instruction. The Times lists administering vaccines to teachers as the necessary condition to returning to in-person instruction, however, Governor Northam’s failed vaccine roll-out, ranking nearly last in the nation, has delayed teachers from receiving their doses.

We need solutions that promote recovery — more parents back at work with fulfilling job prospects, more options for child care that spur stability for kids and their families, and more pathways to future success for our children to reach the other side of this pandemic. Vaccines open that realm of possibilities.

One day, they will lead our commonwealth as adults. Safely reopening our schools is a critical step toward repairing their education in the short term, and our economy in the long term.

“The Governor’s failure to effectively administer vaccines is preventing students from returning to in-person learning, further straining life at home for both children and parents. Northam’s inability to take decisive action is not only hurting families presently, but is also obstructing future success for students post-COVID.” – Kirk Cox for Governor Press Secretary Kristen Bennett