ICYMI: Roanoke Times Gives 4 Reasons a Republican Can Win in 2021

It’s been nearly a decade since a Republican won statewide in Virginia, but this year, that can change. With the right candidate, like Kirk Cox, Republicans can finally restore conservative leadership to the Commonwealth. The Roanoke Times outlines 4 reasons why a Republican can break the streak and achieve victory this fall:

  1. There’s a Democrat in the White House: “Historically, since the mid-1970s, Virginia has moved inversely to the presidential race. Jimmy Carter’s election in 1976 was followed by Republican John Dalton winning the governorship in 1977; Republican wins in 1980, 1984 and 1988 led to Democratic governors.”
  2. Governor Northam is a problematic party leader: “Democrats would be better off if Northam were winning widespread acclaim. He’s not. He may be popular enough — 53% job approval in the most recent Roanoke College Poll — but he’s not so universally loved that Democrats can safely run on a platform of “let’s keep a good thing going.”
  3. Under one party control, Virginia has changed too much too fast: “Northam’s term has been dizzyingly transformational. Confederate statues have come down; the Democratic legislature has pushed through laws that had been bottled up by Republicans for decades, from new election laws to gun laws. We’ve legalized casinos and are now on the verge of legalizing marijuana. Democrats may think there’s more yet to do but how many voters want to hit “pause” for awhile? Republicans may not find a receptive audience for undoing these changes but they might find one for the argument that we need to slow down a bit.”
  4. Governor Northam and Democrats have failed on vaccine rollout: “If they [Republicans] can make the election about competence, they’re on stronger ground. Becker’s Hospital Review says Virginia on Tuesday ranked 49th out of 50 states when it comes to vaccine distribution — up from dead last the day before. Some progress. Here’s where Republicans have an advantage. It requires no political expertise or ideology to see that Virginia’s rollout isn’t going well. Democrats ignore this point at their peril. An election that’s not about Trump, but about why more vaccines haven’t been administrated, works to the advantage of Republicans.”

It’s clear. The right Republican can win Virginia in 2021, and buck the almost decade-long trend of Democrats controlling the governorship. However, it won’t be an easy task, which is why Kirk Cox is the one for the job. 

Kirk holds the bluest seat of any Republican in the General Assembly, proving that he can win where other Republicans cannot. Even during the blue wave of 2019, and with over $1.5 million spent against him, Kirk managed to not only win – he won big. Additionally, Kirk’s proven ability to win drew the endorsement of two of the most recent Republicans to win statewide, Governor George Allen and Governor Bob McDonnell

Virginians also know it was Kirk Cox who, as Speaker, stood as a firm roadblock against radical gun control and abortion legislation Democrats attempted to push through. As one party rule has changed the Commonwealth too much too quickly, Virginians will feel confident entrusting Kirk Cox to stand as a check on the far-left, as he’s done in the past.

Kirk has also been a leading Republican voice in holding Governor Northam’s administration accountable for his failed vaccine rollout. Every step of the way, Kirk Cox has provided recommendations for the Governor’s next steps and shined light on Northam’s failures to effectively distribute vaccines — which will be a winning argument come November 2021. 

“Republicans can finally send a conservative back to the Governor’s mansion in 2021, but only if we put our best candidate to the task — and that’s Kirk Cox. Kirk is the proven conservative, experienced leader, and battle-tested winner that can take back the Commonwealth this fall. He is the only chance Republicans have of putting a check on the one party Democrat rule that is failing Virginia.” — Kirk Cox for Governor Press Secretary Kristen Bennett