Kirk Cox Attends Salem and Hampton Republican Committee Meetings

Last night, Kirk attended meetings with both the Salem and Hampton Republican Committees. He was grateful to Chairman Chris Thomas and Chairman Robert Hefley for allowing him to speak. 

As with most of us, Kirk typically enjoys the good-old-fashioned in-person meetings we were used to before COVID-19. But while Zoom may not be as fun, Kirk can now take his message to all corners of the Commonwealth at once — and that’s exactly what he is doing.

Kirk strongly believes Virginians deserve a Governor that will focus on every part of the state, not just big cities. He recognizes that each part of Virginia faces different problems and has unique priorities — which is why he was glad to meet with both groups directly, to talk about what matters to them. As Governor, Kirk would continue to pay close attention to each and every part of the Commonwealth, because he knows how often many regions of Virginia are forgotten about. 

Kirk enjoyed speaking with the hardworking activists and conservative leaders on the committees about why he is running for Governor. He explained what has caused Republicans trouble winning in the past — and why he is the one who can break the trend and win this November. 

Over the coming months, Kirk will continue working to unite the party, so we can come together and win this fall.