Kirk Cox for Governor Releases Video on Fighting Back Against One Party Control

The Kirk Cox for Governor campaign released a video Tuesday about how one party Democratic control is failing Virginians — and how Kirk Cox is the candidate we need to fight back against this unchecked Democratic rule.
Presently, Democrats have control at both the national and state level, and with no Republican check on their power, they are turning  Virginia into California overnight. We witnessed  an assault on our Second Amendment rights, tax and electric bill increases, and radical proposals to dismantle right-to-work laws and implement a Green New Deal — all of which are detrimental to our Commonwealth.

With Biden, Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer running D.C. and Ralph Northam and Democrats running Richmond — Republicans need someone who will stand up to this one party control. Governor Northam has continuously failed Virginians in handling the pandemic, distributing vaccines, and getting kids back in schools. It’s time to put an end to the dangers of one party control — and it’ll take a proven winner to get the job done.

Kirk Cox is ready to fight back and lead forward. He’s exactly the experienced leader, principled conservative, and battle-tested winner Virginians need right now. We’ve seen just how badly things are under total Democrat control, and Kirk Cox is the only one that stands in the way of Terry McAuliffe or any of the other Democrats seeking the Governor’s mansion.

Virginia can’t take four more years of failed leadership and dangerous one party control. Kirk Cox is ready to fight back against unchecked Democrat rule and lead Virginia forward.