Kirk Cox Makes Campaign Stop in Appomattox County

Saturday, Kirk Cox travelled to the Appomattox County area to talk with fellow Virginians about his campaign for Governor. There, he attended the Appomattox County Republican Committee meeting, where he shared his vision for the future of the Commonwealth — and his plan to fight back against one-party Democrat control and lead Virginia forward. 

Kirk took the time to discuss the chaos going on in Richmond during this year’s General Assembly session — and how he is continuing to stand up for conservative values and speak out against unchecked Democrat rule. 

And it’s not a true Saturday if you’re not supporting small business, so Kirk made a pit-stop at Busic’s Restaurant & Sporting Goods in Amelia, VA to see if their hot dogs lived up to expectations. Answer: yes they did! 

Stay tuned for Kirk’s upcoming review of Busic’s hot dogs.