Kirk Cox Pledges to End Left-Wing Takeover of Public Education in Virginia


‘Republicans are going to have to nominate someone who can go toe-to-toe with McAuliffe on education issues’

RICHMOND, VA. — Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker, retired teacher, and candidate for Governor Kirk Cox on Monday rolled out a specific plan to end the left-wing takeover of public education in Virginia. Kirk pledged to replace the entire Board of Education, stop efforts to eliminate advanced diplomas, preserve advanced track math and science courses that prepare students for college and good-paying jobs, and prohibit the teaching of critical race theory.

Kirk spent 30 years teaching in the classroom, and is the only candidate in the race for Governor to roll out a specific plan for education curriculum. Kirk has also released a specific plan to attack learning loss as students return to in-person classroom learning.

“Two years ago Virginia had some of the best public schools in the country. Accreditation rates were rising, our students were outperforming the national average on college entrance exams, and more students than ever were getting two and four-year degrees,” said Kirk. “In spite of all this success, Virginia Democrats have set out to fundamentally remake our education system – injecting far left ideas like Critical Race Theory, lowering academic standards, and now talking about ending advanced math courses just because they supposedly aren’t fair. This is simply insane.”

“Our public schools aren’t perfect, and there are certainly a number of ways to improve them, but the ideological overhaul being pushed by Democrats defies commonsense,” Kirk added. “We need a governor who can take on the Democrats when it comes to education, and I’ve got a plan to do it.”

As Governor, Cox pledges to:

  • Replace the entire Virginia Board of Education
  • Prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory
  • Stop efforts to eliminate the use of advanced diplomas
  • Preserve advanced track math and science courses
  • Restore race-blind, merit-based admission to Virginia’s Governor Schools
  • End the development of the Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative
  • Eliminate the use of Critical Race Theory as part of teacher evaluations

“Terry McAuliffe has made education the central theme of his campaign, and Republicans are going to have to nominate someone who can go toe-to-toe with him on these issues. He claims he wants to invest more in education, but the truth is he wants to spend your hard-earned tax dollars to remake our schools into far-left academic institutions,” said Kirk. “And even if you set aside the philosophy, the real consequences are lower standards that will make it harder for our children to get to into college or get a good paying job.”

“America’s foreign enemies aren’t lowering their education standards, they’re raising them,” Kirk concluded. “The ideas being pushed by Democrats are going to make us less competitive economically in the world marketplace – and it’ll make it harder to recruit companies to our Commonwealth.”