Kirk Cox Statement on Governor Northam’s Announcement for Getting Students Back in the Classroom


Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker, retired teacher, and Republican candidate for Governor Kirk Cox released the following statement Friday following Governor Northam’s announcement on getting students back in the classroom.

“It is good news that Governor Northam is finally coming around to push for in-classroom instruction, but this action shouldn’t be mistaken for leadership. It’s too little, too late and as I’ve said before, better late than never just doesn’t cut it.

“As I have been saying since last July, we need to return to five-days of in-classroom instruction for those parents and students who want it as quickly as possible. And as I said yesterday, simply going back to the classroom isn’t enough. We now need to focus on fixing the damage that has been done by the extended remote learning. The Governor paid lip service to that yesterday and today, but we need an aggressive plan like the one I rolled out. We should be considering direct investments in one-on-one tutoring, incentives and pay increases for teachers who put in extra time for tutoring, and flexibility to allow retired, substitute, and student teachers to get into the classroom to help.

“Time and time again, Virginians have watched Governor Northam stand up and promise us that he is going to fix something that broke under his watch. But his promises always seem to come weeks after the problem emerged and the fixes come even later. On COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, in-classroom instruction, unemployment benefits, DMV wait times, and vaccine distribution, the governor and his Democratic allies in the General Assembly failed to lead and were slow to react to the disasters that unfolded. And now they must be held accountable for it.”

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