Kirk Cox Takes the 1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools


RICHMOND, VA. — Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker, retired teacher, and candidate for Governor Kirk Cox took the 1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools today. 1776 Action was formed in response to the anti-American theories that promote division in American classrooms.

“So much of what our Founding Fathers envisioned has been cast aside by far left progressive politics. We used to teach our kids that our country came together from different backgrounds to form the great American melting pot,” Kirk said. “Now, kids are being taught to seek out and scrutinize differences in a way that divides rather than unites. This demonization is moving our country back in time rather than guiding us forward.”

“As a civics teacher, I always felt a responsibility to help kids understand the darker parts of our nation’s history while encouraging them to improve on it. Even our founders never said we were a perfect union—this country was formed to become a more perfect one.”

“I’m grateful that 1776 Action has taken up the mantle of preserving our nation’s history,” Kirk said of the pledge. “Our children should be taught to take pride in our nation and know that American Exceptionalism lives on despite the left’s best efforts to poison it. As Governor, I will end the use of Critical Race Theory in our schools and curriculum. We will teach the full Virginia story and the full American story, and we’ll do it in a way that brings people together, not divides us.”

The 1776 Pledge reads as follows:

As a candidate and current officeholder, I believe:

  • The United States of America is an exceptional nation whose people have always strived to form a more perfect union based upon our founding principles.
  • Our Founding Fathers – including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – as well as leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. were among the greatest Americans to ever live, and they deserve to be honored as heroes.
  • Our children and grandchildren should be taught to take pride in their country, to respect our founding principles of liberty and equality, and to have a sense of American history that is both truthful and inspiring.
  • Civics education should focus on the serious study of our founding documents and principles – not coerce students into engaging in extracurricular political action on behalf of contemporary policy positions.
  • Our young people should be taught to view one another not according to race or gender, but as individuals made in the image of God.
  • Teaching children to hate their country and each other is immoral and deeply harmful to our society and must be stopped.

I pledge to do the following for our K-12 schools: 

  1. Restore honest, patriotic education that cultivates in our children a profound love for our country.
  2. Promote a curriculum that teaches that all children are created equal, have equal moral value under God, our Constitution, and the law, and are members of a national community united by our founding principles.
  3. Prohibit any curriculum that pits students against one another on the basis of race or sex.
  4. Prevent schools from politicizing education by prohibiting any curriculum that requires students to protest and lobby during or after school.


Last week, Kirk announced his plan to end the left-wing takeover of public education in Virginia.

As Governor, Kirk pledges to:

  • Replace the entire Virginia Board of Education
  • Prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory
  • Stop efforts to eliminate the use of advanced diplomas
  • Preserve advanced track math and science courses
  • Restore race-blind, merit-based admission to Virginia’s Governor Schools
  • End the development of the Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative
  • Eliminate the use of Critical Race Theory as part of teacher evaluations