Kirk Cox Talks About Why He’s The Best Choice for Governor with Roanoke City GOP


Kirk Cox spoke with the Roanoke City Republican Committee on Tuesday evening. Over Zoom, Kirk discussed why he is the best choice for the Republican nomination — and why he’s the one who can win in 2021. 

Cox pointed out that not only is he a principled conservative, but he also is the only candidate with a proven record of fighting for those conservative principles during his time in the House of Delegates.

“I think you’re gonna hear every Republican candidate say they are strong in things like the 2nd Amendment and Life, but I think the difference in me is that I’ve actually had to fight for those issues in the General Assembly.” 

It’s true. Kirk Cox does possess an unmatched experience of getting things done and advancing Republican policies. In 2019, when Governor Northam attempted to leverage the tragic Virginia Beach shooting by calling a special session to ram through gun control legislation, it was Cox who, as Speaker, single-handedly shut down a slate of overreaching, anti-2A bills. 

Kirk Cox also made an unprecedented move when he stepped down from the Speaker’s podium, which no other speaker had done in modern history, to deliver a moving speech on behalf of the unborn in the wake of an attempt to expand abortion access up until the moment of birth. 

Cox explained to the Roanoke City GOP why he is the candidate that can buck the trend and secure a Republican victory in 2021. 

“I come from the bluest Republican district in the state. It’s only a 46% Republican district, but I won it by 5 points. I had about $1.5 million thrown against me from Michael Bloomberg and Planned Parenthood. I had to raise a lot of money, which you’re gonna have to do in a Governor’s race — and I do feel like I’m the most electable.”