Kirk Cox to ABC8: One Party Democratic Control Has Brought Far Left Policies to Virginia

Kirk Cox joined ABC8 yesterday to discuss how Republicans are facing a different electoral landscape following a year of unchecked, one party Democratic control in Richmond.

“Democrats have been in, and I would say it’s one party, Democratic control, for the last year. And so many of the bad concepts they’ve had over the years, we had [previously] defeated. Now, they have passed.”

“Whether they be a lot of tax increases, regulation, the attack on law enforcement. All of those different things, I really feel like set a totally different dynamic for the summer, where they’re going to have to defend that one party control and just the running of government.”

Bottom line: While one party rule has utterly failed Virginians in a time when they needed strong leadership the most, Kirk has continuously fought for solutions for the Commonwealth — from his vaccine distribution planALL Initiative, or holding Democrats accountable.