Kirk Cox to Breitbart: Virginia’s Department of Education is Teaching There’s No Such Thing as American Exceptionalism


Gubernatorial Candidate Kirk Cox: Virginia Education Department Is Forcing ‘Mediocrity in the Name of Equity’
Ashley Oliver

Former Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox, who is running for governor, warned against the public education system prioritizing equity in the classroom during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Matthew Boyle.

Cox, a Republican state delegate and retired public school teacher of 30 years, zoned in on the Virginia Department of Education’s recent move to eliminate accelerated math courses prior to eleventh grade. The department cited among its reasons for the proposed change a desire to “improve equity in mathematics learning opportunities.”

Cox said of the mentality behind the department moving to deprive younger students of the advanced courses, “It’s just a totally different worldview. They’re teaching basically that America is broken; there’s no such thing as American exceptionalism. It’s forced mediocrity in the name of equity.”

The concept of equity in education is infused into Democrats’ education plans both at the state and federal level and often described as a way to “close achievement gaps.”

“Let me tell you what happens from a teacher’s standpoint. You throw all kids in here together, and frankly, what happens is they get bored. You have discipline problems. There’s no rigor whatsoever. … I can’t imagine China lowering their bar. It’s a competitiveness issue where we’re going to fall way behind,” Cox warned.

In Virginia, the governor is responsible for choosing the state’s secretary of education and superintendent. Cox vowed to choose “very conservative folks” if elected, explaining that teachers, under the current Department of Education, are under pressure to meet standards related to equity because they are evaluated accordingly.

“They know they can’t take over the country politically — there’ll be a reaction — so you use the education system. You indoctrinate from teachers,” Cox continued. “Teachers take all kinds of in-service training. All of that now is equity. None of it is on teaching principles and how to be effective, and so it’s basically trying to convert that whole teacher corps. … They’re not looking to see whether or not your kids are getting a five on the AP test. They’re not looking to see whether or not your kids are excelling, whether you’ve got great discipline in the classroom, whether you’re motivating kids. They’re looking whether or not you are basically towing the line on all this equity and inclusion and America’s a bad country.”

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