Online Learning is Hurting Students, Cox Reiterates Calls for Schools to Reopen


Kirk Cox has been calling for students to resume in-person education since July 5, 2020. As a 30-year public school teacher, Kirk knows just how crucial being in the classroom is to the student learning experience. With each passing day, more evidence surfaces indicating how devastating virtual learning has been on students, and that the science says it’s safe to reopen — yet many schools still remain closed.

The Virginia Mercury detailed some of the damage remote learning has had on children’s education. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Nearly one-third of local districts ranked failing students as their biggest issue
  • Roughly 25% of districts said many of their students don’t have reliable internet access
  • Almost half of local districts reported higher rates of school absences 
  • Literacy scores have declined, and more kids are at high risk for reading failures
  • Students across all demographics are suffering from virtual school, with black, Hispanic, and low-income children struggling the most

Kirk has been a relentless voice in the fight to return students to the classroom. To him, this isn’t a hot-button issue he picked up for the sake of campaigning. Ensuring quality education for students has been his life, his career, his day-one mission in the General Assembly. Kirk Cox has been calling for schools to reopen for months, and so long as schools remain online — that call will not stop. 

“How many more students have to fail, how much further do math and literacy scores need to drop, how many already struggling kids have to fall even further behind until something happens? For months Kirk Cox has been sounding the alarm on the devastating impacts of virtual learning. We need to get kids back into the classroom before things get even worse, and the damage becomes irreversible.” — Kirk Cox for Governor Press Secretary Kristen Bennett