ICYMI: Richmond Times-Dispatch Calls for Return to In-Person Learning

Kirk Cox has been calling for students to return to the classroom since this past summer. This morning, the Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial Board joined Cox in the call to send kids back to school, citing economic implications and possible future consequences for students failed by virtual instruction. The Times lists administering vaccines to teachers as the necessary condition to returning to in-person … Read More

ICYMI: PolitiFact Rates Cox’s Criticism of Vaccine Rollout “True”

As the Governor continues to fumble Virginia’s vaccine distribution, it is Kirk Cox who has led Republicans in holding Northam accountable for his string of failures. Cox has continued to call out Northam’s lack of urgency on the situation, including Virginia’s incredibly low vaccine distribution ranking — to which PolitiFact rated Cox’s statements true. Cox said on Jan. 13 that Virginia ranked … Read More

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Endorses Kirk Cox for Governor

Former Governor Bob McDonnell, the last Republican to win statewide in Virginia, on Thursday endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor. Elected in 2009, McDonnell served as Virginia’s 71st Governor from 2010 to 2014. Governor McDonnell worked closely with Kirk as the former House Majority leader, and can attest to Kirk’s ability to bring the party together, govern effectively, and win back … Read More

Northern Virginia Business Leader Bobbie Kilberg Endorses Kirk Cox for Governor

Northern Virginia business leader Bobbie Kilberg endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor Wednesday. Kilberg served as a senior advisor to Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and has been a fixture in Northern Virginia for years. She is a leading advocate on technology and business issues. Kilberg served as a member of the Northern Virginia … Read More

Kirk Cox Attends Salem and Hampton Republican Committee Meetings

Last night, Kirk attended meetings with both the Salem and Hampton Republican Committees. He was grateful to Chairman Chris Thomas and Chairman Robert Hefley for allowing him to speak.  As with most of us, Kirk typically enjoys the good-old-fashioned in-person meetings we were used to before COVID-19. But while Zoom may not be as fun, Kirk can now take his … Read More

Governor George Allen and Susan Allen endorse Kirk Cox for Governor

Allens cite Kirk’s character, record of conservative leadership and practical problem-solving for Virginians, and ability to win Former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George F. Allen and former First Lady Susan Allen endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor on Tuesday. Susan and Governor Allen now lead a growing list of over 150 conservative elected and grassroots leaders who say Kirk is … Read More

Kirk and Julie Cox host Women for Kirk Coalition Meeting

Kirk and Julie Cox hosted the first Women for Kirk coalition meeting Tuesday, bringing over 50 women across the Commonwealth together to talk about how Republicans can win again in 2021. Julie Cox spoke to the group about the need to amplify conservative women’s voices, saying that “all issues are women’s issues.” Kirk Cox noted that over 50 percent of … Read More