Senator Frank Ruff and Conservative Southside Delegates Endorse Kirk Cox


Southside Senator Frank Ruff and Conservative Delegates Danny Marshall, James Edmunds, Tommy Wright, and Don Merricks endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor on Thursday.

“I’m excited to have the support of these strong leaders who continue to fight for our conservative values,” said Cox. “This campaign is about bringing our party together to fight back against the policies that hurt Virginia’s families and lead forward to a stronger future. Southern Virginia deserves a leader that understands the rich history of this region, who recognizes the need for economic growth in this region, and is willing to fight to protect the conservative values of the people who live here.”

“I am supporting Kirk Cox for Governor because he will lead Virginia to a better tomorrow,” said Senator Frank Ruff. “Kirk’s extensive leadership experience and dedication to conservative values combined with his commitment to the Southside makes him the Governor we need. Kirk will work to bring jobs to our region, protect our Second Amendment rights, and make sure our voices are heard in Richmond.”

“Virginians need a leader who will fight back against the partisan Democratic overreach we’ve seen coming out of Richmond. We have found that leader in Kirk Cox and that is why I am proud to endorse him for Governor of Virginia. I know Kirk will also make sure that our region is an economic priority so we can create good-paying jobs to help our families” said Delegate Danny Marshall.

“I’m excited to announce my support for Kirk Cox,” said Delegate James Edmunds. “Kirk is a proven leader committed to conservative values. He will focus on the needs of southside and central Virginia.”

“I am supporting Kirk Cox for Governor because of his continued commitment to conservative principles. I have known him for a long time, and his character and integrity are exactly what we need in the Governor’s office,” said retired Delegate Don Merricks.

“Kirk’s commitment to Southside is why I am happy to announce my support for his candidacy for Governor. Kirk will fight for our conservative values and lead Virginia forward. He has been a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. He is a strong, Christian conservative committed to family values. That’s what we need in a leader,” said Delegate Tommy Wright.

The endorsements from Senator Ruff and four Conservative Southside Delegates (Danny Marshall, James Edmunds, Don Merricks, Tommy Wright) follow endorsements from Virginia Beach Mayor Dyer, six Virginia Beach grassroots leaders (Colin Stolle, Ken Longo, Tina Mapes, Kenny Golden, David Bartholomew, Al Abiowich), Congressman Tom Davis and State Senator Jeannemarie Davis, and State Senator and retired State Trooper Bill Carrico this past week.