Shocking Conversations Between Virginia Parole Board Members Revealed in New Report


CBS 6 obtained shocking internal emails last night between then-Parole Board Chair Adrianne Bennett and employee Laura Hall regarding Vincent Martin’s case in the latest shocking revelation regarding Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam’s Parole Board.

In one email, Bennett says to Hall, “I will release anyone you say to release,” referring to parolees still being supervised.

Hall replied that she felt “drunk with power,” and updated Bennett on her progress.

Bennett responded “Wave that wand of power, and let’s cut them loose. There needs to be a silver lining to all this! Give me more!!!”

Virginia’s Parole Board cares nothing for the victims or their families of the criminals they choose to wave their magic wand and release.

Where is the accountability? Governor Northam must fire the entire board and put law abiding Virginians first, not violent criminals.