Statement of Kirk Cox on cancelled vaccine appointments in Fairfax County

Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker, retired teacher, and candidate for Governor Kirk Cox released the following statement Monday regarding cancelled vaccine appointments in Fairfax County and Governor Northam’s continued mishandling of vaccine distribution. Inova Hospital in Northern Virginia said Monday it was cancelling appointments for teachers and staffers in Fairfax County, saying their planned distribution had been rerouted to a local health department. 

“Virginia is living through an unmitigated disaster. Earlier Monday it was confirmed Virginia is, in fact, dead last in the nation in vaccine distribution. Now, hospitals like Inova are being told they are not going to receive their distributions because of a supply shortage. 

“Virginia cannot have both a shortage and several hundred thousand vaccines sitting on shelves. Something doesn’t add up. Shockingly, the Governor and Democrats in the General Assembly cannot explain any of this. Confusion, mismanagement, and a total lack of accountability are the only ways to describe what we’re seeing in the Commonwealth right now. They’ve tried claiming it’s a data problem, but the truth is they’re in charge of the data too — so that’s another failure, not an excuse.

“I said it back on January 5. The Governor needs to expand public private partnerships, get these vaccines out to our pharmacies, and to Virginians who need and want them. And, the Governor needs to stand up, take responsibility and accountability for the failures, and explain what is happening.

“If teachers receiving vaccines is critical to reopening schools, as the Governor has said, then his failed vaccine roll-out will continue to bar children from the in-person education they desperately need. The ineptitude of this administration is going to continue to force parents to choose between work and childcare, while students fall even further behind online.

“Last week, the Governor said he was pleased with where we’re at. I have one question for the Governor, Terry McAuliffe, and every Democrat defending this administration: are you pleased?”