Statement of Kirk Cox on Terry McAuliffe campaign for a second term

Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker, retired teacher, and candidate for Governor Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) released the following statement on Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for a second term as Governor.

“Virginians face too many serious challenges in their lives for the governorship to be a consolation prize for a failed national politician. It is clear to everyone that Terry McAuliffe is only running for governor because his last presidential campaign collapsed before it started and he needs a platform for his next one.

“If his interest in the governorship was about us, the people of Virginia, rather than just about Terry, he would not have had his bags packed after three years, ready to quit on us as governor and go work for President Hillary Clinton.

“And if his sudden interest in K-12 education was sincere, he would have done more during his first term. In fact, the Republican-led General Assembly invested more in our schools than Governor McAuliffe proposed every single year of his governorship, and Governor McAuliffe proposed only one teacher pay raise in four years. The Republican-led General Assembly passed three.

“The people of Virginia deserve better for the next four years than a self-motivated political retread who will be forced to adopt every extreme position of the national Democratic party to get the nomination.”