What I Really Think of My Opponents



Thanks again for registering to be a Delegate at the May 8th Republican convention.

I know you’re getting a lot of emails, but hopefully this one is a little different.

At a recent forum, the moderator asked each of us to say something nice about the other candidates. With all the negativity out there, I wanted to take a moment to share my responses.

While no one can profess to be in agreement with someone 100 percent of the time, I do think we need more civility in our politics – so I’m not afraid to say a nice thing about my political opponents. Maybe that’s a little weird, but it shouldn’t be.

Amanda Chase – I’ve known Amanda Chase since she first got involved in politics. She was a home-school mom that just wanted to help out, and she and I have campaigned alongside each other for several years. She was even nice enough to speak at my campaign kickoff in 2019. We may be opponents in this race, and I won’t pretend like I’ve agreed with everything she’s said and done, but she’s true to herself, and there’s something to be admired about that.

Sergio de la Pena – It’s been a pleasure getting to know Sergio and his family on the campaign trail. Watching how close that family is, how they travel with him and support him every step of the way, really is inspiring. Sergio’s story and his service to our country are also inspiring. I know whatever happens in this race, Sergio will continue to play a role in our party.

Peter Doran – Peter Doran is a smart guy with a lot of ideas, and one thing I’ve learned from my time in the General Assembly is that smart guys with a lot of ideas tend to do well. I’ve enjoyed listening to Peter’s innovative ideas. He’s clearly a guy with a unique perspective on the world and he believes in solving problems.

Octavia Johnson – I first met Octavia Johnson when she ran for the House of Delegates in 2013. She ran in a blue seat, and was unafraid of the fight then and it’s clear she’s unafraid of the fight now. That’s probably because of her background as a Sheriff. She knows how much our law enforcement officers deal with, and I’m grateful for her many years of service in that field.

Pete Snyder – Pete Snyder stepped up in a big way last year when he created the Virginia 30-Day Fund to help small businesses survive the pandemic. He was kind enough to ask me to serve on his board, and I am proud to have had the opportunity to be included in that group. Things get heated in political campaigns, but even in the midst of that I think it’s okay to recognize the work Pete and Burson did to help those in need.

Glenn Youngkin – When Glenn and I first sat down and had lunch together last summer, we knew we were both thinking about running for Governor. But during our first and subsequent conversations, I realized we shared something much more than that – a deep and abiding faith. Glenn is a man of faith, and I am so grateful to have him out on the trail. I pray for Glenn – and the other candidates in this race – and I know he does the same.

Each of one of the candidates brings something unique to the table, and shares my goal of installing a Republican in the Governor’s Mansion at the start of next year. I wish every one of them the best.

I hope to be your first choice on your ballot on May 8th, and I hope you’ll carefully consider who you want to put second. If you’re putting one of my friends listed above as number one, then I hope you’ll consider me as your second choice.

Hang in there – only 9 more days of emails and texts.