Where do McAuliffe, McClellan, & Carroll-Foy stand on Virginia’s Right to Work Laws?


Virginia Delegate Lee Carter, a self-avowed socialist, introduced a bill to repeal right to work protections for private-sector employees.

House Bill 1755, which would repeal the private-sector protections, was filed by Del. Lee Carter, D-Manassas. Similar legislation was introduced earlier this year but failed to pass the General Assembly, with opposition from Republicans and some moderate Democrats.

“Virginians deserve to know if Terry McAuliffe, Jennifer McClellan, and Jennifer Carroll-Foy stand by Lee Carter and his blatant attack on the Commonwealth’s long-standing right-to-work law. McAuliffe, McClellan, and Carroll-Foy must state their position on repealing right to work. Do they believe people should be forced to pay union dues just to get a job? Do they support the right to work or have they completely sold out  to unions?” – Kirk Cox for Governor Press Secretary Kristen Bennett