Second Amendment Defenders for Kirk

Second Amendment Defenders for Kirk is a coalition of individuals who care deeply about protecting the Second Amendment for all Virginians, dedicated to helping Kirk Cox become Virginia’s next Governor.

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Kirk has a deeply rooted respect for the Constitution and has a proven record of defending Second Amendment rights. This coalition will bring together defenders of liberty, sportsmen, and anyone who believes in the God-given rights protected by the Second Amendment to advocate for policies that support gun owners and protect our Constitutional rights.

Kirk Cox believes the Second Amendment is a foundational and God-given right critical to freedom. Kirk taught ALL of the amendments to the Constitution for 30 years as a government teacher, and firmly believes the founders understood that the Second Amendment is the only thing standing between us and tyranny. For his entire career, Kirk Cox has consistently defended the Second Amendment, law-abiding gun owners, sportsmen, and the individual right to keep and bear arms.

As Majority Leader, he advanced pro-Second Amendment legislation, whether it was improving our concealed carry laws, ensuring concealed carry reciprocity, allowing responsible gun owners to store firearms in their cars at their place of work, or ending one gun per month.

And as Speaker, Kirk Cox stopped every single bad bill that Democrats introduced. Not a single one passed when he led the House of Delegates. When the Attorney General tried to unilaterally end reciprocity for concealed carry, Kirk Cox and the House of Delegates stepped in and fixed it. That was a major accomplishment that Democrats took a lot of heat for with their base.

Kirk Cox has a lifetime A rating from the NRA and has voted on the side of gun owners every single time he had the chance to do so. Kirk has an unmatched record of protecting the second amendment on the front lines in the General Assembly -- and as Governor, his fight would continue.